10 Foods With Awesome Oral Health Benefits

When it comes to oral health, what you eat matters. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients helps keep teeth and gums healthy and prevents tooth decay and gum disease. Learn about the top ten foods that provide significant benefits for oral health. Oats Oats are packed with nutrients that have been shown … Continued

Benefits of Oral Probiotics

Oral probiotics are strains of bacteria that promote good oral health. Bacteria naturally exist in the mouth, and oral probiotics help boost levels of beneficial bacteria. This helps prevent certain dental conditions that can arise from high levels of harmful bacteria in the mouth, such as periodontitis or tooth decay. Schedule an appointment with Valley … Continued

The Impact of COVID on Your Oral Health

The impact of the COVID pandemic and lockdowns are felt across all areas of society. The virus disrupted many facets of our health systems, including the oral health sector. According to the CDC, in-person dental appointments were severely limited during the lockdown period of the pandemic. COVID impacts oral health in several ways. While appointments … Continued

Why Am I Drooling? 6 Causes of Excess Saliva

Drooling occurs when saliva spills over the bottom lip. It can be embarrassing, lead to bad breath, and may be a choking hazard. The causes of excess saliva, or hypersalivation, are either temporary or continual. Temporary hypersalivation is the result of many underlying conditions which need to be treated before hypersalivation ceases. Continual hypersalivation occurs … Continued

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