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The Best Ways to Avoid Cavities

When we visit the dentist, we all hope that we’ve done a diligent job keeping our mouths healthy, but we brace for the possibility of the words “you have a cavity.” While brushing twice a day and flossing regularly are the best ways to avoid hearing your dentist utter those words, there are actually quite … Continued

How to Avoid Dry Sockets

Most of us will have a tooth or two removed at some point in our lives, and we all hope that the procedure will go as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, advances in medical technology have made most extractions relatively easy, almost painless, and a routine part of dental work. The trickiest part of an extraction … Continued

4 Secrets to a Brighter Smile

Research has repeatedly shown that a radiant, confident smile has a huge impact on our first impressions of people. Americans don’t take this lightly. Braces and veneers have risen in popularity over recent decades, as we pursue straighter, more appealing smiles. While many of us go to great lengths to keep our teeth straight and … Continued

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