Everyone, not just children or adolescents, can wear braces. Braces are worth considering for anyone with a full set of adult teeth suffering from malocclusion. Despite the misconceptions about adult braces, they can help give you a beautiful smile as long as your teeth, gums, and jawbone are healthy.

Should You Get Braces as an Adult?

While younger people are more enthusiastic about getting braces, adults in their 40s and 50s are not as interested in orthodontic treatment, although many adults could benefit from teeth straightening. Despite falling into this age group, you don’t need to worry about the aesthetic of traditional braces because there are many more discreet, modern options available today.Adults may face a variety of challenges when getting braces, such as needing more time to adapt to the pressure of each adjustment than children and adolescents. Some medications combined with clenching or teeth grinding cause undue pressure on the jaw, impeding the tooth straightening process. If you have gum disease, this may also cause complications during the procedure.

When considering braces, you’ll need to book an appointment with a dental professional about orthodontic treatment options that are suitable for you.

Braces Available for Adults

When you talk with your orthodontist, they can help you decide which braces to go for during your procedure. Choosing braces in adulthood has never been more convenient.

With their wires and brackets, traditional metal braces are visible, and the orthodontist must tighten the wires at each six-week appointment to help the teeth set in place.

Another option is Invisalign, a customized set of clear aligners you receive every two weeks that will gradually force the teeth to conform to the shape of the tray, eventually moving your teeth to their correct position. Many orthodontic patients find using these more convenient for their everyday lifestyle as they can remove them out to eat and brush.

They are also discreet, without the wires and brackets of metal braces, making them an excellent choice for adults who may feel self-conscious about wearing an orthodontic device at work or on social occasions.

Other options are available for certain orthodontic conditions; your orthodontist will assess your teeth and mouth before recommending a treatment plan.

After straightening your teeth, orthodontists provide retainers to help keep your teeth in the correct location. Retainers are typically only worn while sleeping.

The Benefits of Getting Braces as an Adult

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of five patients seeking teeth straightening are over the age of 18. For adults with crooked teeth, wearing braces is crucial to avoid problems later in life, such as tooth decay, temporomandibular dysfunction, and painful headaches. Teeth crowding and uneven teeth can lead to plaque and inflammation.

Braces for adults can make you look, feel, and live better. Adults are increasingly opting for braces to feel greater confidence and enjoy a higher quality of life. Maintaining your mouth and brushing your teeth is easier when you have straight teeth.

Get Adult Braces to Live a Better Quality of Life

Adult braces are becoming more popular as people are taking better care of their dental health. You can always improve your health, regardless of your age.

You can find out whether adult braces are right for you by making an appointment at Valley Dental of Plainfield. We will examine the teeth and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

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