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Are you particularly prone to cavities and don’t know why? Are your teeth slightly discolored despite your best efforts to maintain good dental hygiene? Then you may be surprised to learn that your diet could actually be the culprit. By consuming foods and beverages with high sugar or acid content, you could be harming your dental enamel, causing tooth decay, and even gradually staining your teeth. Here are five common offenders that could be harming your teeth without your knowledge!

1. White Wine

Did you think white wine would be okay just because it is light in color? Don’t be fooled—it can still stain your teeth! White wines are highly acidic, which can erode your dental enamel and give it a yellowish tint.

2. Ketchup

You might be surprised to learn that condiments like ketchup have a shockingly high level of added sugars! In fact, adding an ounce of ketchup to a meal is the equivalent of eating a fun-size Snickers! Unfortunately, ketchup isn’t the only condiment that is damaging your teeth. Barbecue Sauce, teriyaki sauce, hot sauce, honey mustard and even spaghetti sauce all have added sugar too.

3. Potato Chips

Think eating potato chips is better for your teeth than snacking on candy? Think again! The carbohydrates in chips break down into simple sugars. The bacteria in your teeth then snack on these sugars and release harmful acids that can lead to tooth decay. Worse still, potato chips tend to get lodged in your teeth, giving them more time and opportunity to cause damage to your dental enamel.

4. Dried Fruit

Did you know that fruits contain a lot of fructose, a natural form of sugar? If so, you may not have known that dried fruit can actually be substantially worse for your teeth than fruit in its original form. This is because the sugar that is naturally found in fruits becomes sticky when the fruit is dried. That means the sugars stick to your teeth, giving the bacteria in your mouth plenty of time to feast on them and release harmful acids onto your dental enamel in the process. Therefore, dried fruits like raisins, mangos, pineapples, and cranberries are actually just as bad for your teeth as candy.

5. Ice Cubes

While not technically a food, many people like to munch on ice cubes as a harmless, calorie-free snack. However, chewing ice cubes can actually cause a lot of damage to your teeth. If you crunch down on ice cubes too often, it can wear away your dental enamel and even cause a fracture on your tooth. We highly recommend that you avoid developing this habit and drink water instead!

Thankfully, this damage to your teeth doesn’t have to be permanent! By visiting your dentist, you can receive a professional teeth cleaning to renew your smile and prevent cavities. And if you already have damage and decay on your teeth, our restorative treatments can help.

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