Our littlest patients are of big importance to us. We want your child to love taking care of their teeth, which is why our friendly staff will make your child’s visit to the dentist feel like a fun adventure! Your family is in good hands at Valley Dental Care of Plainfield.

A Fun and Easy Visit to the Dentist

Our staff is committed to working with you to make your child’s visit is as fun, stress-free, and easy as possible. During the appointment, a dentist will perform a quick examination of your child’s teeth and gums. This will allow them to make sure their jaw and teeth are forming correctly. After this quick scan, we will do a thorough teeth cleaning and help teach your child the importance of good daily care. If there are any cavities, injuries, or other issues, we may need to provide further treatment to ensure they’re in good health.

Here are a couple things that you can do before and during the appointment to make sure your child has a great visit to the dentist:

  • Eat beforehand. Before arriving to the dentist, make sure your child has had a light meal and brushes afterwards. This will help to make sure they’re in a great mood while they’re in the chair.
  • Complete paperwork in advance. Keeping your appointment short and sweet always helps! Skip the waiting room time and have your forms filled out ahead of time on our website.
  • Avoid naptime appointments. Try choosing an appointment time that you know your child is in their best mood. By working around their usual naptime, you can ensure they’re well rested for the visit.
  • Sit with them. If your child is too small or feels uncomfortable in the chair, you are more than welcome to have them sit in your lap!
  • Enjoy yourself! We want to make sure your visit is fun and easy! We’ll work with you to keep your child in good spirits. And if they wiggle or fuss, don’t worry. We will help you to comfort them and keep them laughing.

Preparing for their First Visit

Is it your child’s first ever visit to the dentist? We know this can be a big day for them. Here are a few tricks we’ve seen help our young patients over the years:

  • Start talking about it! We want to make sure the dentist is a familiar concept to them before they come in. Talking to your child about the dentist early and often is a good way to ease their fear. Make their trip seem like an exciting adventure, and something to look forward to!
  • Have a practice appointment. Nothing makes a trip to the dentist more fun than turning it into a game. Try playing the role of dentist, and touch each of their teeth and perform a “cleaning.” Then, switch roles and let your child take the lead! Let them perform a pretend exam on you or their stuffed animals.
  • Read to them. There are a number of children’s books that make an adventure out of the first trip to the dentist. Try reading one of these books to your child at night so they can look forward to their own first visit.
  • Stay positive. Children can sense when there is tension in the room. If you seem happy and excited about the dentist, they will be too! Try getting older siblings involved—let them show your young ones that going to the dentist is easy and fun.

With these easy steps, we can make sure your child loves taking care of their oral health for years to come. Give our Plainfield office a call today to schedule their appointment!

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