A beautiful smile and make a big first impression. That’s why Valley Dental Care of Plainfield offers a number of elective cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, from whitening, to bonding, to dental implants and beyond. Our cosmetic dentistry services will help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted—at a surprisingly affordable price!

How Can We Transform Your Smile?

If you’d like to change your smile, simply schedule a consultation! We can help you determine what the best option for a cosmetic procedure would be in your particular case.

Some of our elective treatments include:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Sometimes, an avid brushing and flossing routine just can’t prevent stains completely. This is even more so the case for coffee drinkers, smokers, or those without a solid home care routine. That’s why we provide a teeth whitening service that can lift years of unwanted stains and residue from your teeth. Your dentist will simply apply a gel to the surface of your teeth, and then place a heat lamp or laser on them for it to take effect. You’ll notice visibly whiter teeth even after just one appointment!
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are a great solution for those with missing or damaged teeth. This procedure will require a general anesthetic, as this is a surgical procedure. Your dentist would insert titanium implants into the gums, which would ultimately fuse to the jawbone. Then, he or she will place a prosthetic tooth over the implant to ensure that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. Implants have a 98% success rate, require no unusual care (simply treat them like normal teeth), and look and behave exactly like healthy teeth (so you can eat whatever you’d like!).
  • Veneers: Veneers are made from medical-grade ceramic, and are incredibly popular for those who suffer from cracked or damaged enamel, crooked teeth, and even gaps between the teeth. They are custom-made for each individual, so they look exactly like real, healthy teeth! The veneers are simply cemented right onto the surface of your teeth, with little to no anesthetic required. Once they’re placed, you walk out of the appointment with a completely new, beautiful smile!
  • Bonding: If you need to repair a broken or chipped tooth, or would like to change the shape or size of your teeth, bonding very well may be your solution. Your dentist will simply mold a tooth-colored resin to the desired shape, and then cure it with a high intensity light. Once the bonding is set into place, it blends perfectly with the rest of your tooth. It’s almost as though the damage completely disappears! And, even better, this process takes only one appointment, and has exceptionally long-lasting results.

These procedures won’t typically coincide with your regular visit to the general dentist, but many of these procedures do have restorative benefits in addition to the cosmetic perks! Veneers and bonding can improve the efficacy of damaged teeth and gums. Dental implants can restore structure to the mouth. In these cases, you may find that dental insurance can cover the costs. Otherwise, elective procedures may need to be paid for out of pocket.

To learn more about your treatment options, insurance coverage, and the details of your potential treatment, call Valley Dental Care of Plainfield today to schedule your consultation.

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