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They’re called “wisdom teeth,” but how wise are you to the problems they can pose to your overall oral health? Many of us have had our wisdom teeth removed, but it’s important to understand why the procedure is done. If you’re considering what to do with your own wisdom teeth or those of your child, read on to learn about the many benefits of having these “third molars” removed before they grow in.

1. Wisdom Teeth Disrupt Orthodontic Work

Sometimes third molars grow in at odd angles or do not fit perfectly in the mouth, and this can cause them to push surrounding teeth out of the way as they grow, leading to a shifted bite. If you’ve endured the time and patience of having braces to fix crooked teeth, you’ll understandably never want to jeopardize your straightened smile again. One of the most common aesthetic reasons for removing wisdom teeth is to prevent them from growing in and making your existing teeth crooked.

2. That Crooked Smile Hurts

Not only is it a nuisance for your molars to shift your teeth, it is painful and disruptive. Wisdom teeth that grow at angles or try to squeeze into a space too small for them can cause pain throughout the mouth as your bones shift and are pushed to make space. This painful process can actually damage your other teeth, leaving you more susceptible to cavities and tooth chipping. This is why most dentists recommend having these teeth removed before they start to grow in, in order to nip the issues in the bud.

3. They May Damage Your Jaw

The wisest bone in the body sure does know how to make an entrance. Occasionally cysts, will form around these new teeth and, though treatable, they can lead to hollowing out the jaw if left to their own devices. This may cause nerve damage if allowed to persist.

4. Your Gums May Suffer

If teeth are forced to shift to make way for these new neighbors, the gums surrounding your teeth will also be effected. Gums can become inflamed, becoming swollen and harder to clean. When this happens, it can create pockets for bacteria to hide in, leading to more cavities and bad breath. Your gum health is crucial to both your oral and overall health, and should be a top priority in your oral hygiene regimen.

Third molar removal is a common and relatively safe procedure that is done thousands of times annually across the United States. Although some question its necessity, it is important to trust your dentists opinion and adhere to the old adage of “better safe than sorry” when it comes to these teeth. As it is recommended to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age before the bones in your mouth harden with time, talk to your dentist early on about how to handle these often pesky teeth.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth or would like to discuss having yours removed, call Valley Dental Care of Plainfield today!

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