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All children experience a bit of bad breath from time to time—just like their parents! Typically, it’s no cause for concern and a simple brushing will repair the issue. However, if their breath has been stinky for quite some time, it may be time to investigate the problem further. Here are some questions to ask yourself to uncover the cause of your child’s bad breath.

Are they drinking enough water?

You may be surprised to learn that dehydration doesn’t just make your kid thirsty – it can actually cause bad breath! When your child is dehydrated, it means their body isn’t producing enough saliva which, in turn, can lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth makes one’s mouth a hot bed for bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors. Therefore, just make sure your child always has a reusable water bottle with them.

Is it possible that an object is lodged in their mouth or nose?

We’re careful to avoid giving our children toys with small pieces that could get stuck up their noses. We always watch them as they eat to make sure a stray pea doesn’t end up there either. Unfortunately, though, sometimes an object gets stuck in their nasal passage or mouth anyway. When this happens, it can begin to create a foul odor over time. In this instance, be sure to bring them to a doctor straight away.

Do they have swelling or redness on their tonsils?

Has your child suddenly developed uncharacteristically bad breath? Take a look in the back of their throat. Do you notice any swelling or redness? How about any white marks? If so, this could be an indicator that they have an infection of the tonsils. Make sure to bring this to the attention of a doctor straight away.

Do they have a sore throat?

Just as an infection of the tonsils can give your child bad breath, so can other illnesses. For example, if your child’s bad breath is accompanied by a sore throat and stuffy nose, it could be a sign of a sinus infection. This is because the bacteria that gets trapped in the sinuses can become smelly over time. Thankfully, this odor should vanish after your doctor’s prescribed treatment begins to take effect.

How are their dental hygiene habits?

Of course, it is always possible that your child’s breath is unpleasant as a result of their dental hygiene routine. If your child skips their twice-daily brushing and routine flossing, it could result in cavities, gum disease, infections of the mouth, sores, and more. All of these things not only cause bad breath but can also significantly impact your child’s oral health. Therefore, make sure to schedule a visit with your dentist straight away to repair the issue and have their breath smelling fresh in no time!

To schedule your child’s next dentist appointment and uncover the source of their bad breath, call Valley Dental Care of Plainfield today!

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